Beyond Understanding
Part 2

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Beyond Understanding

Part 2 – 5,5,02

Bane Huntress


Lestat was beyond sense. His fledglings were attacking each other. More than that, David, the stronger and younger of them had his older and considerably weaker brother at a complete disadvantage.

“Get Louis!” he heard Marius say from behind him, “I’ll take the other!”

“No!” Lestat snarled in defiance. He did not think David was in his full senses and however young David was he was still more powerful than the old vampire. “You get Louis, I’ll deal with David!”

And with that he sprang.

He launched himself at David’s side, one arm reaching between the two, pushing Louis forwards as he forced David back.

A sickening sound echoed in his ears, like a watermelon hitting a hard tiled floor, and flowing through it was the unmistakable sound of bones braking.

Lestat shut it from his mind, Marius would deal with Louis, there was nothing he could do for him right now.

He grabbed a bloodied arm, pinning it behind David’s back then pinned him to the ground, face down in the damp grass.

It was a struggle, but not as hard as Lestat had feared. David was almost going down like a rag doll. There were a few twitches from his latest fledgling then he lay limp beneath him.

“David?” he growled out. His temper was up though his concern for Louis was almost out weighing it. He just couldn’t fathom out why David would suddenly attack Louis, Yes, he could be annoying at times, even stubborn to the point of shake him till his head fell off, but nothing that counted to this level of violence, If anything he had expected Louis to be the one who took exception to his new brother.

There was no answer from beneath him.

With a quick movement he turned David over then sat on his chest. “David!” he snarled again, but this time he looked into his face.

David’s face was slack, his eyes normally bright and filled with new curiosity now stared at nothing, dulled into something so inhuman that Lestat couldn’t help the shiver that took him.

“David?” he whispered taking David’s lack face into his hands, he brushed lank brown hair from his brow but there was not a flicker of recognition. “David!” This time he shook him hard and still nothing. The only thing to even signify that he was still alive in some way was the reflex reaction of his lungs filling with air.

“Marius!” he called, still looking into dead eyes, “Marius can you feel anything from him? Anything at all?”

There was a pause then a quiet answer. “There is something but he is beyond any sense… Lestat, I think you should come here…”

“I… David…” Something in Lestat didn’t want him to turn round; he would rather look into David’s dead features than face what he didn’t think his heart could deal with.

“Bind him Lestat and get over here NOW!” Marius’s voice was razed and there was another sound that sent a bolt of fear through his heart that didn’t come from his old friend.

Without much thinking he yanked David’s belt off, then turned him back onto his front and bound the unresponsive vampires wrists and ankles together. It wasn’t much but if David did come to his senses then they would have warning first as he broke his bindings.

Slowly Lestat stood and turned.

Marius knelt only a few meters away, his arms around Louis supporting him up on one knee as his arms held his head againced his shoulder. The seen was almost charming and serene if not for the blood that now covered both of them and the ground on which they sat.

With a great deal of force he managed to take a step forwards, then in a rush he was on the other side of his old mentor, one hand reaching out to smooth silky black hair from Louis face.

He couldn’t help but gasp and pull his hand away as Louis head lolled to the side to face him.

Green bloodshot eyes, narrowed with pain, rotated to fix on him.

Only this time they did not stair at him from that ageless face; never changed and blank of every emotion but neutrality or annoyance.

This time that ivory skin was sallow, his cheeks pinched againced the delicate bones of his face. His once full lips now pulled back from his teeth in an almost rictus expression. Those eyes sunken into his head but the only thing that told he was still alive.

The teeth opened a little as he tried to speak but in stead there was a gurgling sound then a sickening stream of blood trickled from the corner of his lips and over his chin.

Lestat touched it as if it was some kind of wonderful phenomena.

He had never seen Louis bleed before, even when he took his life away and gave him the dark gift he had not bled, so drained was he at the time.

“Lestat, he needs blood,”

Marius’s voice cut into his shocked musing. Louis eyes closed and he found himself free to look up at the older vampire.

There was series worry in Marius’s eyes until he looked down at Louis chest.

Lestat followed his glance as Marius moved his arm so he could see the full extent of Louis injury.

There was a large gaping rip in Louis once white shirt, revealing a sickeningly hole that disappeared into blackness. Blood oozed from the hole soaking everything. With a shaking hand Lestat reached out and touched the edge of ragged flesh and Louis twitched in pain.

“Lestat, did you hear me!” Marius again. “You have to feed him… He can’t heal himself!”

Lestat shook his head numbly. “I can’t…”

A hand grabbed his arm hard, “Lestat! Listen to me, you must feed him from yourself!”

“I… I cannot…” he stuttered, something inside him was turning cold.

“Fine!” Marius sounded annoyed, Lestat looked up to see the older vampire bit into his own wrist.

“No!” he cried grabbing his arm. “You cant!”

“Don’t be stupid Lestat! This is no time for your petty squabbles or feelings!” Marius growled at him.

“I cant!” Lestat screamed his anger.

“You want to see him die Lestat? Do you hate him that much for not doing what you say all the time?”

“You know my feeling’s!” Lestat growled as he made to take Louis into his own arms.

“Then heal him Lestat! If you love him then DO this for him!”

Lestat managed to pull Louis to his own chest and hold him carefully as another stream of blood trickled down his chin.

“I love him enough to let him die here, right now, than to force my blood on him…” He whispered looking down into that once beautiful face. He looked up at Marius then. “I love enough that I am willing to loose him like this than to loos him later with him hating me for the rest of eternity.”

Marius blinked at him slowly. “I would like to tell you to stop being so selfish… But I understand.”

Lestat nodded. “Do you know where Armand and Daniel are?”

Marius looked at him quizzically. “Yes, I left them to come to you.”

“Then get them… and tell them to come here tonight, if I must I will get them. But we need Daniel, tell him to feed well.”

Marius was about to protest as Lestat stood carefully with Louis.

“Bring David back to the flat when you’re done… If he wakes up, leave him and come back alone, I’ll deal with him.”

Marius stood, his fine tailored clothes covered with vampirick blood. “I understand.” Then he was gone.

  + + + + + + + +

Marius stood by the door to Louis room. He had gotten Daniel on his mobile and the young vampire had understood completely. It would be another hour before they got here and he didn’t like Louis chances.

When he had told Lestat he had just nodded as he held Louis bone thin hand. There was no way he could have got them here any faster.

Now Lestat sat besides Louis on his bed, socked with blood. Every now and again Louis would twitch with another gurgle of pain. The wound in his chest was not healing and the blood still flowed.

Something deep inside Marius’s chest felt hollow, all through their time on the night island he had basically ignored the weaker Vampire, at first he had been interested in Lestat’s first Fledgling after they had met. He could then see why Lestat had chosen him, he was a beautiful creature and on the few times that he or another member of the coven had managed to catch his attention his green eyes had sparkled, though back then when ever Lestat’s name was mentioned he would slip back into a melancholy that was disturbing. He had thought it was because he still felt some animosity towards his maker, but when Armand had suggested that he should stop mooning over Lestat, who at that time was held up in his room writing. The beautiful creature had replied he had waited for so long and that his maker would come out eventually.

But then Louis had left for New Orleans, he had told them in a quiet voice. He did not ask them to tell Lestat where he was going, and when Armand had suggested it with a bitter catch in his voice, Louis had just shrugged as he had walked away.

When Lestat had finally come out of his room and they had told him of Louis departure the Brat Prince had tried to act all nonchalant and brash but in the end he had gone and all to eager.

They had lived a mortal life together as Marius had suggested to Lestat. Only their immortal child had finally separated them, but she had also been the one that had bound them together for so long.

But then if Lestat had not been so impatient and angry in his immortal youth and taken the time to ease Louis into his own immortality they might have become inseparable. The love was there, they loved each other with such a passion that everyone could see it, but they could not see or accept it for themselves, it was almost like watching some huge romantic tragedy, always together but neither willing to reach out in fear of rejection.

And after Lestat’s last escapade with the body thief, Louis had still been there and Lestat had still gone back to him in the end. Whether for solace or someone to tell him how stupid he was, Marius would never know.

But now he watched Lestat as he in turn watched Louis. His grey eyes never leaving his fledgling and the look on his face was nothing but worry.

David on the other hand was still bound. On bringing him back to the flat, Lestat had told him which room was David’s and that there were chains that would hold him more firm than a leather belt. So Marius had bound the newest fledgling to his own bed. He had not resisted but his eyes staring off into nothing, and Marius could pick nothing from his mind as to what had happened.

He finally took another step into the room. “Lestat… Do you normally have a spirit bored in the parlour?”

“Spirit bored?” came the vague response.

“A ouiji bored… There is one on the desk in the living room, and you need to replace one of the windows.”

Lestat looked up then with a frown. “Why the interest in that game?”

Marius shrugged, “some would say it’s more than that… Did you know that Louis or David were playing with it?”

Lestat snorted, “Louis would not bother with such a thing.”

“And David?”

There was a blank look in Lestat’s eyes. “He never said anything… It’s just a stupid game! It has nothing to do with what’s going on now!”

Marius shrugged again, and then there was a knock on the front door.

Lestat stood as Daniel came charging onto the room with Armand close behind him.

“My god!” Daniel said as he looked down on Louis. He was almost human looking, His pallor bright, he had fed well as he had said he would. “What happened!” he demanded turning to Lestat.

Lestat just stared at him, “Feed him from yourself… I’ll explain later!”

Daniel did not need to be told twice, He sat down on the bed where Lestat had been and bit open his own wrist with a wince of pain then pushed it againced Louis bared teeth.

Marius watched in silence as Armand looked over his fledglings shoulder at what he had once wanted to take from Lestat. His shoulders shook as he spun on Lestat.

“What the hell happened here!” Armand screamed. “Why get us out here! Feed him from yourself Lestat! God damn it are you that selfish of who you give your blood too?”

Lestat’s brows shot down as he glared at Armand, “As always Armand, you know nothing of Louis. This is what must be done…” he didn’t shout but the tone of his voice was not one to be argued with.

“Don’t give me that!” Armand seethed, “He’s got a huge hole in his chest! You think Daniels blood is going to help!”

Marius stepped in then, there was nothing to be gained by an argument here. He put a hand on his fledglings shoulder. “That is enough… The pair of you! Armand I’ll explain shortly what has transpired here, until then please stay back.”

Armand gave him a glare then stepped back. “You don’t deserve him…” he groused.

Marius groaned as Lestat took a breath to start shouting himself. But before he could even get a word out Daniel cried out and flinched away from the bed.

They all turned to see what the trouble was to find Louis arched on the bed, his hands clutching and ripping at the sheet beneath him.

Blood spluttered from his open mouth, one hand let go of the sheet to start tearing at his chest.

Lestat was the first to act, he pulled the hand away to stop more damage, then with his other hand he pushed Louis flat on the bed cooing to him like a child and quickly Louis calmed and became limp.

“What happened?” Armand gasped.

“He wouldn’t feed…” Daniel whispered as he held his arm to himself. “He couldn’t.”

Marius watched a tremor pass through Lestat, There was nothing for it then. He knew his own blood was not strong enough to heal such a wound in another.

Either they did nothing and watched a vampire die, or Lestat acted and despite Louis’s misgivings, saved his immortal life… And his own.

He moved towards Lestat and laid a hand on his shoulder, “You have to Lestat… You’re the only one who can.”

Lestat shook his head then looked up at him, bloody tears in his grey eyes.

“You have to Lestat…”

  + + + + + + + +

Lestat felt sick, for the first time in his life he could not just make himself move on impulse.

He knew what Marius said was right, he could not let this go on and neither could he just let Louis die.

“Leave us…” he whispered looking back at his beautiful one who now lay limp and seemingly unconscious.

He knew they made an effort as they left, making sure they made a noise as the door closed.

Finally alone again Lestat leaned forwards and touched Louis sunken cheek.

“Louis look at me.” He whispered, “Come on Louis.”

He was slightly surprised to get a response; green eyes fluttered open and fixed on him.

“Louis, I have to help you… I can’t think of anything else… I… I have to give you some of my blood…”

There was a narrowing of eyes and Louis’s head moved to one side a little in a shake, another gout of blood trickled over Lestat’s fingers but he ignored it as he tried to reason with the dieing vampire.

“Louis please…. Just enough to heal you, that’s all.” He brushed matted black hair from a damp forehead. He thought maybe a little honesty might help. “You cant ask me to live without you chastising me Louis… Who else will do it if I loose you?”

He didn’t try and hide the slight pleading that enter his voice. “I swear, only enough to help you heal.”

For a long time those eyes just looked at him, then closed slowly.

Lestat felt a stab of fear, “Louis! You listen to me!” he grasped a thin shoulder, emaciated from the blood loss. “Your cant heal Louis… Your dieing, do you understand me! If you die now your never going to know how that trilogy you were reading finishes! You will miss the next episode of that stupid teen vampire show!…” He took a deep breath, “Who will I have to come home too… To look after…”

Eyes cracked open then to look at him and Lestat smiled an honest smile.

“To take into my arms and tell them… I love them…”

For what seemed like forever they just looked at each other.

Then the corner of Louis lips quirked up for a second and he moved his chin down.

Lestat could not help the skip of his heart as he smiled down at his beautiful one.

“Only enough to help you healing.” He promised as he brought his wrist to his mouth.


To be continued.


Part 3


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