Beyond Understanding
Part 3

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Beyond Understanding

Part 3 – 9,5,02/10,5,02

By BANE Huntress


Marius had told Armand and Daniel what he had seen. That Lestat’s latest fledgling had gone after Louis without mercy.

As expected they both wanted to see this new Vampire, and he had no doubt, to rip him apart.

They both had a long history with Louis and both of them loved him even though he was unable to return it in the way they wished…

Marius sometimes thought that maybe Armand had made Daniel out of spite for Louis, after all Louis had tried to scare the child and the rest of humanity and failed miserably. So Armand might have thought it a great spiteful trick. That may have been the case on out set, but there was no affection lost between them, they did love each other if not as much as they loved Louis.

He had refused them to see David; on just the account that he didn’t think Lestat would appreciate them killing him when he had made Marius himself promise not to harm him.

They had retreated to the parlour as they had left Lestat and Louis alone. And on entering the room Armand had been the first to see the Spirit Bored on the desk and commented on it mildly as Daniel had gasped over the state of the window, or what was left of it.

Marius had called someone about the window and they would be around to fix it in the morning, people that could be relied upon to keep from snooping and not to make a fuss about anything they saw.

He wandered over to the fireplace, noting the fine powder of glass that also lay on the thick rug, the only thing to tell him what it had been was part of a stem of a finely crafted glass, no doubt this had served as the pointed on the board seen as he could find nothing of the wooden triangle that normally served as a spirit pointer.

He couldn’t help but wonder what had happened when Louis had walked in on David, or even if he had been with this new vampire when something had gone wrong.

He was about to sit down in one of the chairs when Lestat walked in, pulling a long sleeved shirt on in the fashion that some young people took in this age, with the front open and looking scruffy.

He did not comment on the slight bit of blood that showed on one cuff of the blue and black checked cotton.

“Right!” Lestat said as he walked over to the board, looking down at it with distain, “I looked in on David and he’s still staring at the ceiling…” He turned and fixed is eyes on Marius. “What do you suggest we do now?” he asked.

Marius gestured to the board, there was only one thing they could do other than call a priest for an exorcism and he didn’t think that was practical in the circumstances.

“I think we should see if we can contact someone…”

Lestat stared at him for a second before looking back at the board, “you think this thing works?”

Marius shrugged, “I don’t know… But it’s all we have right now.”

Armand stepped in then. “How can you be serious? This is nonsense!”

“Armand… Be quiet!” Lestat snapped as he retrieved a glass from a cabinet, where there was one already missing and placed it in the centre of the board then sat down on one of the chairs.

He gave an impatient bark when no one moved to join him. “Sit, I don’t want to be here all night!”

With that they sat, even Armand. They placed their little fingers of their right hand on the rim of the glass.

“I believe this is the way they do it in the movies.” Lestat said looking at Marius. “What now?”

Marius shrugged, “ask a question?”

Lestat stared at the glass, “Who did this?” He snapped.

Nothing happened.

“Who made David attack Louis!” He barked again.

Still nothing. They all sat there staring at the glass then at each other.

“I told you this is worthless!” Armand snarled but did not remove his finger.

Finally Danny spoke up with amusement in his voice. “Is there anybody there?”

They all shot a look at the young vampire in annoyance but as they did so there hands began moving of what seemed there own accord.

They all watched as it moved over the ‘yes’.

“You’re pushing it!” Armand hissed at Daniel who was pail, he shook his head.

“Who is it?” Lestat said his voice slightly subdued.

Marius could almost guess what he feared, but the class did not linger over to C. instead it moved over to the S.

Marius frowned but said nothing as the glass moved, hissing across the board in the silence of the room.

T,E,F, the glass seemed lost for a second as it drifted around the centre of the board until impatiently it darted over the A and then N.

“Stefan?” Marius frowned. He looked over to the others seeing if they recognised the name. There was no expression from Armand. Danny looked like something was dawning on him and he wasn’t liking it. Lestat on the other hand had a tear in his eye.

“Did you die here Stefan?” Daniel asked in a shaky voice.

The glass flu to ‘no’ stayed there for a short time then moved over to ‘yes’ just as quick. Where it then began flitting across the two.

There were more tears in Lestat’s eyes now.

“The fire took your immortal life didn’t it?” Danny again this time his voice so shaky it hurt to hear.

The glass that was half way to ‘no’ suddenly doubled back on it’s self and settled on ‘yes’ in a most determined manner and stayed there.

Marius finally saw why Lestat sat with a tear trickling down his cheek and Danny had recognised the name.

Stefan had been the one he had threatened Claudia with and then made a vampire after his fledglings had thought him dead. And then in helping Lestat had died himself in this very place.

“Did…” Lestat crocked. “Did you make David attack Louis?”

The glass darted to ‘no’.

“Did you want too?” Lestat’s voice had turned into a snarl.

The glass began doing a figure of eight in the middle of the board then slowly drifted over ‘no’ again almost reluctantly.


The glass darted away from ‘no’ then settled back on it determinedly.

Lestat was just about to say something else when the glass moved towards the letters.

L,O,V,E,Y,O,U. A pause, Y.,O,U,L,O,V,E,H,I,M… P,R,O,T,E,C,T…

“What did it say?” Daniel suddenly asked as the glass rested on the centre of the board.

They all looked at him, then it dawned on Marius that who ever this Stefan was he was replying in old French. The only thing that Daniel could comprehend had been the name and then the yes and no.

Quickly he explained what had been said for the modern youngster.

“Protect who?” Danny asked, “Lestat or Louis?”

The glass moved again even though the question had not been asked to it.


Marius translated again.

“Protect from who?” Danny asked.


“Them? Who are them?” Lestat snapped, “Only you died in this house!”


“How can they not be dead if they ARE dead?” Armand scoffed.

“I think he means they don’t know their dead, or they do not wish to acknowledge the fact.” Marius mused as the glass flicked over ‘yes’.

“Who are they?” Marius asked.


“Who killed them?” Lestat was frowning now, honestly confused buy this. Then the name came, but not in the context that Marius had feared.


It realized on them all then, Louis had mentioned this in his book… Claudia had killed two female servants and hidden their bodies in an old bread oven. Something about her never growing up or something… Marius wasn’t sure he had never met the girl and they did not speak of her at all if they could help it.

“Did they make David attack Louis?” Marius asked before the silence became crushing.


“Are they here now?” Lestat asked.


The glass flew about the bored and Marius could feel a definite chill suddenly fill the room, like a breeze from the window it raced around them. Though the night threw the broken window was deathly still.

Marius was just about to get worried at the violent movements of the glass when suddenly it stopped dead in the centre of the board and exploded.

Marius winced as shards of glass passed straight threw his right hand and felt a pang of regret for his new clothes as he felt glass pierce the cloth and then his own skin. Lestat and Armand had much the same reaction.

It was Daniels screams that shot threw the room and flat like a knife.

The young vampire collapsed to the floor in a ball of agony, clutching one very bloody right hand to his chest.

The skin of his face also pocked by bloody hols, thought they were healing as they watched, his hand would take a little longer and with Armand’s help he managed to sit up.

“Are you all right boy?” Marius asked as Lestat shook the remanding glass on the board off the other side of the desk.

Danny nodded giving Armand a pained grin.

“Go sit with Louis.” Lestat said taking another glass from his diminishing collection. “If he wakes then feed him.”

“Don’t be stupid Lestat!” Armand was being protective over his fledgling and it was cute. “He’ll be to weak now to do such a thing.”

“I’m all right.” Daniel insisted as Lestat bobbed down before him and took his left hand in his own looking right into his eyes.

“You can clean yourself up in Louis bathroom, then lay with him if you like… I don’t think he would mind.” Lestat’s voice was almost compassionate, if not for his suppressed rage. “This could get messy and I will not see you hurt more…” he took the youngsters arm and pulled him to his feet ignoring Armand. “Go… Keep him safe for me…”

Daniel looked at him wide eyed then with a faint smile he nodded and left the room without a backwards look at his maker.

“You will not have him too Lestat…” Armand hissed and he was angry.

Marius turned in time from watching Danny leave to see Lestat look patiently at Armand.

“I’m not you… I don’t try and steal things that belong to someone else already.” A cold smile then, “unless they want to be stolen that is.”

Armand hissed. “At least my things don’t keep trying to kill me!”

Marius stiffened afraid at what might happen next, who would he try and protect? His ageless angel or the brat demon, it was not a choice he wanted to make and not right now.

To his surprise Lestat smiled, “No they just leave you before they die of boredom…”

Marius groaned loudly, “Right, that’s enough… If you both insist on carrying out this petty fight then do it later when this mess is sorted out!”

Lestat turned to Armand with a smile, then ruffled his hair like a child much to Armand’s annoyance, but the animosity seemed to never have been and they sat down with a new glass…

  + + + + + + + +

Lestat took a deep breath as he sat down by the board again. Talking to Stefan had been hard, it hurt that yet another of his fledglings had gone to the grave, but then three out of six wasn’t really that good, and he was never certain about Louis and his mother was who knew where again. And now David, unmoving and lifeless on his bed… He just hoped to heaven that he did not have to kill one of his children as well, but he would, he would not let anyone harm his Louis… Who ever they were, even David…

He put his little finger back on the glass, blood had smeared across the wood but he didn’t have time to clean it off in his hast to have an answer to what happened, he would not keep his fledglings in this building a moment longer than the dawn if things meant them harm.

“Stefan, are you still there?” He asked in old French, now that Daniel wasn’t here it was easier for him.

The glass instantly moved over the ‘no’. Then became restless, smearing the rim of the glass with their immortal blood and obscuring some of the letters.

“Who is this?” Marius asked in his forever-calm voice.


The glass pointed out and all in badly spelt French.

“Were you the servant’s that Claudia killed.” Armand asked without any sign of emotion in his voice.



“You do know that you’re dead…” Armand said off hand.

Marius looked at him with a frown but Lestat could not stop the grin. Too many bad ghost films.


“Yes.” Armand said in a soft voice. “You both died long ago… You are spirits who can do no harm in this world so long as we know you are here… I banish you.”

The glass flue about the board, every now and again it would glide over ‘no’ but nothing-coherent came.

“You do now that you can enter the kingdom of heaven now that you are dead… Do you not want to meat god?” Armand said softly.

Lestat was surprised by the compassion and softness of Armand’s voice.

The glass carried on zooming around until with a sudden jerk it settled on ‘no’ with such force that all their fingers slipped from the rim.

Lestat was growing angry, how could you reason with ghosts, he would much rather give this up and take Louis and David away from this place.

He reached out to place his finger back on the cursed glass when they heard the sound of wood shattering.

Then suddenly David was stood in the doorway. His eyes completely blank.

“What?” Marius gasped as David suddenly moved.

Lestat saw him to late as with one arm he knocked Lestat to the floor so hard the floorboards snapped beneath the rug covering thim and about the only thing that stopped him going all the way through the floor to the level below.

Also the pain in his cheek and jaw told him that David had broken a few bones.

Carefully he got to his feet to find Marius and Armand trying to keep the stronger Vampire at bay.

David struggled, his sightless eyes riveted on him only, as he threw Armand off.

Marius clung on as much as he could but it wasn’t long before the old vampire met with the same bone-crushing fist that had floored him.

Lestat dived for his fledgling. He may be as strong as Lestat could have made him, but he still was not as strong as him.

He grabbed David’s arm that was heading towards his face again and spun David onto the floor with his own momentum.

Once there, Lestat sat on the small of David’s back, one hand holding both his wrists the other pushing his face into the plush rug as he struggled violently.

Then Marius was with him, The older Vampire stood with all his weight on David’s ankles, he was rocked about but clung on to Lestat for support when David tried to kick.

“Armand!” Lestat called, not really seeing what happened to him.

There was a grunt of an answer. “Here.”

“Go see if Louis is all right, and Daniel!”

“Like I need to be told!” Armand snapped then he was gone.

“David Stop fighting me!” Lestat shouted. “Fight them you imbecile, you’re the one who’s seen god!”

“Get off us!”

David’s voice but there was something in it that was not David; He could never pull off such an old French accent, let alone add the old Creole that laced through the voice.

“Let me speak to David!” Lestat twisted the arms a little more.

“You will not kill him! You filthy demon!” there was also a strange double overtone in the voice, like two people talking in tandem.

“I will kill him and gladly with you in there if I must! And do not think I would not! You harmed Louis with this body and I will not let you have the chance again!”

For emphasis at his seriousness he twisted just so and David’s left arm came sickeningly out of it’s socket and then snapped at the elbow with another vicious twist.

There was a strange double scream, high-pitched and very feminine.

Lestat began pulling the other arm as something occurred to him.

“You’re stuck in there!” he breathed. “You’re little ghostly puffs of air are stuck!”

“You will not kill us you cant!” the voices screamed from David’s mouth. “We will now see you all die!”

“It lies.” Marius said over Lestat’s shoulder. “I believe you are right Lestat, maybe David has a hand in trapping them.”

Lestat didn’t answer as the thing beneath him writhed and almost succeeded in throwing the both off.

“David’s for crying out loud!” Lestat shouted angrily. “If you can do anything do it now!”

But there was no reply other than a shriek that filled the entire house.

Some how David’s elbow court Lestat in the face with such force he lost his hold on the broken arm.

He heard Marius hit something as David managed to buck Lestat off.

Before Lestat could react David was on his feet again and ready to descend on him, but before he did something pail and livid red stepped before his stunned vision.

“Louis?” He heard Marius gasp and he knew it was so.

He beautiful one stood with his arms spread before a possessed David, protecting his maker.

Blood still ran from a wound that had not yet healed, but his back was stiff and he showed no sign of the hurt as he stood ready to fight for a thing that he claimed to hold most dear.

“Stop this…” Louis voice came in a gasp but it was as soft as it ever had been. “Please, there is no need for this anymore…”

From what Lestat could see of David from behind Louis trembling body the other vampire was completely still.

“You are the one that made her!” David’s mixed voice accused. “You should be dead!” It moved to lay hands on Louis, but he held up his hand to forestall him.

“Please…” he gasped and there was something wet and sickeningly wrong with his voice now, like he strained for breath through gasps of water. “You both served us well when you were alive…”

“We still live you demon!” the voice said again and again Louis held up a now shaky hand.

“When we found your bones.” He said, “We took them to the cemetery and buried you on holy ground as was fitting the services you had done us… But I now see this is not enough…” The shaky hand sank to his side as he bowed his head. “I had thought maybe we had all paid for what happened but it would seem we did not… I most of all am to blame for you’re hurt and pain… I most of all will pay the highest price and by your hand this night…”

“No!” Lestat could not move for some reason; but he would be damned more than he was if he would let some stupid ghosts kill his Louis.

But Louis only held open his hand to him for silence and did not turn round.

“David is innocent of my sins, I beg you to take me then to take your own eturnal rest in heaven and leave this place… You no longer belong here any more than I do…” something in Louis body language sagged then in defeat, as if he would seriously go through with this. “Please, Take me and we will go together, you to the light and me to the hell in which I belong.”

There was a deathly silence in the room. Lestat could not take his eyes off his beloved fledglings; he didn’t even know he could take a breath to say something, anything to protest to Louis or the ghosts that this was just foolery.

David moved then, but it wasn’t with the speed he truly possessed but with an almost gentle care, took an unresisting Louis into his arms.

“Then we kill you demon… The way you give us pain…”

And with that, once again this night, Lestat watched as David’s fangs sank into the all too mortal flesh of Louis neck.

Louis stiffened in the hold, but made no move to pull away or even fight as his fingers loosened to droop slack from his hands, in turn his arms hung from his sagging shoulders with each thirsty gulp.

Lestat felt the helpless tears trickle over his cheeks.

Why could he not move? Why could he not just stand up and pull his Louis away, destroy David and the ghosts then take Louis somewhere safe and far away. He tried to move then, but nothing happened.

It was already to late.

Louis panting gasps had reaching a crescendo, getting weaker and louder, filling the room with his fight for immortal life, as if he were desperately trying to cling to the one thing that distinguished him as still human.

Then the gasping and panting faded until they were nothing and his face laid aganced one of David’s broad shoulders, the only thing keeping him up right at all were strong arms about his back and waist.

Now there was silence.

True silence.

Nothing stirred in the room filled with nothing but conscious death. Even the dust court in the path of light from the wall lamps seemed to hang in there own orbits.

Then David let go.

Louis’s limp body slid down the taller frame with boneless ease to lay at his feet in a heap of useless flesh and cloth.

Lestat did not notice when David’s eyes rolled in his head and he began to fall backwards to the floor.

All his attention on his screams as he moved to collect Louis into his arms, he didn’t hear another’s cry of pain that could not quite match his own.

He did not see Daniel, crying as he tried to hold an emotional Armand from tearing a prone David apart.

He did not feel as Marius tried to take Louis from him.

He could see nothing but that face that had haunted his life and his dreams alike for almost all his life. Always filled with some emotion whether he liked it or not. A face like the books that court more attention from those emerald eyes than Lestat ever could, open and easy for anyone to read if you could understand the language it was written in.

A Language only Lestat could read fluently, a skilled linguist that could understand but never speak the tong how ever hard he tried.

Now Louis face was blank, his eyes looked up at the ceiling. A look he sometimes gave when lost in thought or looking at something that seemed to take an age to comprehend, but the slight sparkle, a flutter of a brow or lid to give away the fact he was still there at all was gone.


But the face began to fade and become tinged with red. He could not help the shameful sobs as he held Louis to him in numb terror.

Something touched his cheek and he flinched away from the distraction so lost in pain that he could not let anyone intrude.

It came again, fleeting and soft.

“Get off!” he snarled to who ever deemed fit to comfort him, he did not need it. He was beyond anyone’s pitying hand. He did not deserve it, he had let Louis die when he had promise to never let anyone harm him… Ever. And he had sat on the floor like some coward and watched his beloved die.

“I finally see you cry…” came a croaked voice from beneath him. “And over me… there is a God.”

Lestat did not like the undertones of amusement; it angered him. “Leave me!” he snarled.

There was a slight chuckle. “I would.” A slight gasp, something wet slithered over Lestat’s hand that was wound tightly in silken black hair. “But I fear more hurt if I do.”

Lestat blinked, something in his brain was trying to tell him something, it might have been his conscience and he wasn’t ready to listen to it.

“Lestat please…” Came the voice again only this time weaker than before. “I need to rest.”

Lestat buried his face in soft hair; it stank of Louis blood and his own tears. “Then rest.” He snapped at the intruder into his grief.

“Lestat!” came Marius’s slightly annoyed voice this time. “It’s almost dawn.”

“Let the sun come!” he seethed, “I welcome it!”

“I don’t…” the voice from beneath him again, only this time it seemed closer, something brushed across his ear like a breath, though he knew non of the others stood close.

“I have placed David in his own coffin.” Marius said as matter of fact from somewhere before him. “I will take the guest room and I’m sure Louis wont mind if Armand and Daniel share his.”

“Get away from me!” Lestat shouted at the name he didn’t think he would ever be able to utter again, that was if he did not just take himself to the desert again and wait this time until he was nothing but chard cinders.

“That’s fine Marius…” the voice again, it was beginning to bug Lestat that he could not figure out who it was. “I’ll share with Lestat.”

“That if he ever wakes up enough so we ARE able to ask you about all this be dusk.” Marius did not sound angry, or upset. It irked Lestat that his old mentor could not be grieving over this and sound so calm.

There was a weak chuckle then. “Thank you Marius… I’ll find my rest with or without him.”

Lestat felt Marius drift away.

He felt long fingers cores his face then move to his hair. “Lestat, I really am tired, my death sleep is not far away… I would rather do it in a coffin…”

“Shut up Louis.” Lestat groused as he clung tighter.

How could he go on with out his beautiful one to look upon anymore? To teas and talk to on those long and boring nights when the only thing that eased him was Louis soft and calming voice. Or to argue with about black is white and Louis would always know and argue in turn white was black. The rest of the cover, even his own mother, were nothing but close friends almost distant family. But they always saw him as either a powerful brat or an interesting nuisance. Louis didn’t treat him as some fine peace of porcelain, that either had to be handled with care or he would brake in some fit of anger or shatter in some mad caped scheme to kill himself, What ever the comparison, he was best put on some shelf behind lockable glass doors to be admired but where his sharp edges would not cut unsuspecting fingers.

Louis treated him as he always had, to him he hadn’t changed, and he loved him regardless. Louis was his constant. His family, his blood, his brother, his conscience and most of all, his lover.

He hated to admit it but HIS world revolved around this one being, as the rest of the coven seemed to revolve around himself, non of them truly seeing Louis beautiful soft light for Lestat constantly bigger light eclipsing him. Only Armand and Daniel had ever known the Louis without Lestat, and they both loved him deeply.

A light they all jealously guarded from the others, and now that light was gone and Lestat was adrift without his very own guiding star.

He hugged the too cold bloody body tighter, and said what he never could to listening ears.

“I love you…”

There was silence then, only soft breathing and the hand that rested softly in his hair.

“I know…”

Lestat started as he jerked his head up to look directly into sparkling emerald eyes.

“I love you too.”

Lestat couldn’t help but choke. “Louis?”

Those full lips still stained with blood twitched up into something of a smile. “Yes… and I would like to sleep Lestat.”

“But…?” he stuttered. “Armand… Danny?”

“I know… Please, I don’t think I can make it to your coffin… You’re going to have to take me.” He gave a slight cough then that made his lips bloodier.

Numb and without thinking Lestat stood, cradling Louis in his arms and walked through to his own room.

Without thinking he kicked the lip off his coffin, locking the door with a thought and laid Louis down into the cushioned velvet of his coffin.

Louis smiled up at him and held out a welcoming hand.

Lestat found his own limbs moving to lay him down besides his beautiful one, one arm pulled the lid closed as the other snaked underneath Louis and pulled him close to his chest.

Louis sighed and cuddled up close to him.

“How?” He found him self asking, pushing his fingers back into silken hair.

With a deep sigh Louis answered. “I knew what was happening when David bit me the first time… The second was a chance but I couldn’t let him hurt you… I felt him trying to keep them contained, but he could not do it to any success.”

“He could have killed you!” Lestat felt a little hurt as grief and anger fought for supremacy.

There was a slight shrug of Louis shoulders. “It was a chance I was willing to take… I had to make them think they were killing me… They had their revenge… I think they are gone…”

“You scared me whittles!” Lestat accused with a tug at Louis hair.

Louis yawned, “I’m sorry Lestat.” He whispered. “Thank you…”

Lestat was about to ask what for but he felt when Louis entered his death sleep, as his body became slightly stiff and heavy againced his arm.

“Your forgiven…” he said with a smile.

This night had been enough to rival any of his own escapades, or at least on Louis standards, at least no vampires had truly died this night… But maybe the only thing to have died might have been some of Louis stiff pride in accepting physical contact from Lestat… and just maybe, maybe Lestat had realized just how much one of his oldest and more withstanding fledgling truly meant to him…

With a sigh of relief Lestat followed Louis into sleep…

And maybe at dusk Louis would not run away from him when he let the lid off the coffin like he did the last time they had both slept together…


The End



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Ok… So I wasn’t able to finish this at work… and it’s actually a day late, but hell I was knackered!

Maybe a little rushed for my liking but I was always shit at endings >_<… Hope you liked it and I didn’t upset to many people… but like a fan-fict can ever really do that >_<… I really enjoyed doing this multie-parted fict, and mostly I just have lots of unfinished parts that will never make a whole >_<… But one day I might finish the other 2 VC ficts I have, but I doubt it :P

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PS: I prefer writing at home *smiles* cos there is a great A4 printout of Louis (Brad Pitt) just off to the right of my monitor on the wall, a screen cap of where Louis is in the sewers and Lestat’s just held his hand out asking him to come back and the camera does a close up shot of Louis face looking all bedraggled and mournful. (grins at picki) always sets a nice depressive mood, if I didn’t like it so much :P…

Which brings me to a question… In the film, Lestat just said he had something to show him… Now Louis being Louis, reluctantly takes his hand to go with him… What would have happened if it was just a new clock or something? And not Claudia? I mean, Louis didn’t exactly RUN very far did he? And he WENT back with Lestat… Would you if someone you didn’t like was being a bastard? I’d have liquidated EVERYTHING and buggered off on the next ship! Maybe a speck challenge in the offing for anyone willing to take it ^_^

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