Beyond Understanding.
Part 1

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Beyond Understanding.

Part one / 2,5,02

Bane Huntress


Louis had woken late; the house was silent as he made his way to the back parlour to see if the paper had been left for him.

When he walked in, he was surprised to see David hunched over his desk with his back to the rest of the room.

“David?” Louis whispered sure that the other one could hear him. But his younger brother made no sign as if he had heard.

Softly Louis walked up to him and put a hand lightly on his shoulder.

“David? What has you so engrossed?”

David did move then, but it was a flinch.

Louis chuckled under his breath, many a time Lestat had court him just so and frightening him out of his skin, though he would never admit that to the brat prince.

“Go away.”

Louis wasn’t sure he heard what he just had, or even if it came from David.

It was said in a low growled moan and spoke of nothing but threat.

With a frown Louis looked at what David was so engrossed in and his chest went cold.

Davis had been hunched over a wooden bored with the alphabet along the top and ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at both bottom corners. There also sat an up-turned wine class, one of Lestat’s favourite sets, and David had his little finger on the rim of the base.

The glass flinched across the bored, making Louis jump involuntarily.

Then it sidled over to the letter D.

Louis put his hands over his mouth; he remembered these things from when they were most popular early in the 20th century. They had caused nothing but trouble, this bored looked like it was one from the 60’s when someone had though it some game to play with friends.

The glass moved again in a sharp motion. E, S, it scratched along the wood.

Louis watched it almost hypnotically; the only thing to stop it flying off the bored at all was the presence of David’s finger. T, R, O.

Louis could feel his fingers shaking as he leaned closer to David’s ear.

“Who is it?” he whispered, “Claudia?” His heart skipped a beat as he uttered her name.

The glass suddenly stopped as if it had heard him. Then flu towards him to end abruptly on the ‘no’, as if it had been offended by what had just been implied.

Then it began the rest of the words it had started. Y, it settled for a moment in the beginning circle in the middle of the bored.

Louis tightened his grip on David’s shoulder, the other Vampire had not moved an inch and Louis was growing concerned. “David, why are you doing this?”

There was no answer as the glass moved again.

L, O. Louis bit his lip, he could do nothing but watch as the thing began on another word. U, I.

Louis could see where the glass was heading and before it retched the S he grabbed the glass from David’s hand, blow into the bowl and then through it across the room so hard that it disintegrated into fine powder when it hit the back of the fire place.

“David that wasn’t funny!” Louis stormed as he turned back to his younger brother. “What are you thinking to do suck a thing in this ho…” he stopped in his tracks as he looked into David’s eye’s...
They were no longer their normal dark brown but glassed over with a sheen of white. His lips were also pulled back in a snarl that bared his teeth menacingly.

Louis took a step back, “David?”

There was no answer as the other vampire took a step forwards.

Louis glanced at the door, but David saw this and moved to block that way of escape.

Louis knew he had to find Lestat, He had said that Marius was coming by tonight to have a look at David, so hopefully he might be able to find the older vampire easier.

He took a step back towards one of the windows, keeping his mind tightly shut so that David would not be able to read his thoughts. There was no way he could out match him in speed or agility, but he had had practise at hiding from Lestat before now, only that was easier for Lestat could not sense him in anyway, and so long as mortals didn’t see him he could hide well in this city of his.

“David?” He said not having to act on the panic he let inflect his voice.

“David, what’s going on, why are you acting like this!” There was no answer but a low growl.

“David please, this is most undignified!” he felt his back hit cold glass and knew it was now or never.

He looked over David’s shoulder suddenly and let a look of relief enter his eyes, as he was about to pull the oldest trick in the book.


As in all the bad movies, David spun round and Louis was gone in a shower of broken glass.


+ + + + + + +


Lestat smiled as he walked along the street with Marius at his side.

He knew they were all dreadfully interested by David, The new fledgling that Lestat had created as strong, if not more so, than nearly all of them.

“You do like your opposites Lestat.” Marius mused.

“How do you mean?” Lestat asked eyeing up the same group of pretty girls that the old roman was.

“You constantly make fledglings that are opposite to the other… Or as far removed from Louis as you can.”

Lestat bristled at that, how dear anyone even imply that his beautiful one was not perfect. “How can there be another Louis?” He smiled showing the top of his fangs. “He is a one off… I could never find another Louis how ever much I tried, he is beautiful and he is mine and he loves me… Despite what he thinks.”

Marius shook his head with a smile of his own. “I guess there is that. So does this David love you as we all do or as Louis does?”

“There is a difference?” Lestat asked looking impatiently at his shoes, and trying to remove the bit of paper stuck to them.

Marius chuckled. “We all love you as the brat prince you are, the light and the dark of our immortal existence, when things start getting dull for us all, you come charging in, shake everything up then leave just as quick with nothing but a mess in your wake.”

Lestat chucked to that, Louis had said much the same thing, or was it Armand? He didn’t much care, they all thought it no doubt. “And so how does Louis love me any different? Other than that I plague him more and offer him a civil roof over his head?”

“Because he still lives with you Lestat, I don’t even think I could do that for very long. Everything that you have done, Louis is still there for you whether you appreciate it or not, he is also the only one that you always go back too… Whether you both like it or not you can not be apart for very long, you have both proved as much.”

Lestat was intrigued by what the older vampire was saying. “how so?” he probed.

Marius gave him a sidelong look. “Louis would not have sort you out before the concert if he did not love you.”

“He just didn’t want me to play because he didn’t want mortals to know that we existed, it would make his life harder is all.” He waved it off, saying nothing of his own feelings at their first reunion in years, it was already down in print.

“I think you misunderstood his feelings Lestat… And maybe you take him a little too much for granted?”

Lestat shrugged as he watched the car’s go by instead of looking at the other vampire.

“I told you all them years ago to go out and live a mortal life, I told you if you made another make them out of love…”

Lestat felt Marius’s hand on his shoulder and he desperately wanted to shrug out of it.

“You took my word to heart Lestat… And you made a creature that you love more than anyone else… But you wont let him love you in return.”

Lestat had enough of this; he didn’t need to hear it. He slipped a step away from the older vampire and glared at him. “It’s Louis who has the problem with loving! Not me! I’ve done everything I ever could for him and he appreciates non of it!”

Marius smiled at him, like an adult does to a child. “That may be, but you will NOT let him love you the way HE wants too. You have to push all the time Lestat, Let him come to you for a change. TELL him that you love him, he cannot read your thoughts like the rest of us Lestat, and sometimes I think you forget that.”

Lestat could not keep the snarl from his lips. “Our history is too battle scared to be open with one another now!”

“I and Armand seem to be doing all right, even though I abandoned him.”

Lestat waved that comment off. “He never tried to kill you!”

Marius frowned at him now, his eyes flashed for a moment with annoyance. “It was that demon child you created that tried to kill you Lestat!”

“Don’t call her that! Don’t mention her at all!” Lestat seethed. He was about to tell Marius to leave, that he would not meat his latest fledgling.

Marius nodded once in recognition. “And that time you gave yourself to the body thief, you know as well as I that you would have broken Louis resolve eventual, or one of ours.”

“So you say now.” Lestat felt like a child who was being told off and he didn’t like it, he never did. “But I think I know Louis a little better and he would have made sure I never saw him again, the little sneak would have watched me, to make sure he knew where I was at all times!”

Marius smiled at his sulky tone. “I would have though you would have held more of a grudge againced Armand… After all it was he that refused you his blood and threw you from your own tower was it not?… then killed your child and stole your Louis from you?”

Lestat could not help but grin at that. “Nothing I didn’t basically do to him earlier… Though I do believe he owes me a Tower.”

Marius chuckled and it seemed to ease the tension that had been growing between them.

“But if you never listen to anything again and the heavens know you never listened to anything before…” Marius smiled at him. “Let Louis love you the way you both want, he will refuse you nothing, you just have to open up to him first.”

Lestat shrugged non comitial, though he stored the information away. It couldn’t hurt to try; Louis could always laugh him into violence later as he mocked his sappiness.

He was just about to ask Marius what Armand was doing with himself now when something flashed across the street in front of them.

Lestat just court the glimps of two figures chasing one another then nothing, he tried to retch out to find out who they were but could sense nothing, not even in the minds of the mortals that they would pass.

He felt Marius stiffen besides him. Then the older vampire whisper under his breath.

“Louis being chased by someone.”

“Who?” Lestat demanded, he had sensed no other vampires in the city apart from Marius.

“I don’t know, I cant sense the others thoughts, but Louis is terrified… Come!”

Lestat did not need the others hand urging him into action, he was after the fleeing vampires. He had no idea if Marius could keep up with him, he just had to save Louis what ever happened, and he would kill anything that tried to harm him.

As he turned the corner he could see them disappear around another bend, Louis was running as fast as he could towards the park. In his hast Lestat knew where his beloved fledgling was heading, to his favourite hiding place where he thought he could hide from Lestat after one of their arguments, but Lestat knew where that was it was not hard to find, and was not as safe as he led his beautiful one to believe.

He regretted that now.

He took to flight, going directly to Louis hiding place, he wanted to be facing his enemy as Louis tried to hide, not coming up on them from behind.

He landed on the out skirts of a dense copes of weeping willow trees. Now all he had to do was wait.

He felt Marius come up along side him, the old vampire was faster than he gave credit for.

“Why are we here?” Marius asked calmly.

“This is where Louis is heading.” He answered shortly as his beloved came dashing in from the street. He crested the hill and them stopped suddenly.

Lestat took a step forwards to meat him when Louis suddenly threw back his head in a silent scream and a hand covered in blood came bursting through his chest to the left.

Lestat froze, his mouth open. But this was nothing to what happened next.

Another hand clamped over Louis mouth pulling his head violently to one side. Then another face came into view and in a heartbeat it latched onto Louis long white throat and began drinking deeply.

Louis twitched a few times as the hand that had impaled him turned and lay flat againced his chest pulling him closer as the other drank. His own pail long fingered hands pulled uselessly at the hand until he gave one last convulsion and went limp.

“What the hell!” Marius breathed.

“David…” Lestat whispered in horror as he finally found his limbs under his own control again.

He only just heard Marius’s gasp as he sprang into motion…


To be continued…


Part 2


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