East meet's West
part 3: "Revelation of the Tenchi"
By Bane Huntress (Sarah B)

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Originally written in 1999 - Re-edited 2012!

This chapter was lost for a long time, but I finally found a hard copy!!
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East Meet's West
Part 3 - Revelation of the Tenchi
By Bane Huntress (Sarah B)

Koenma was, as always, busy stamping things and generally being bored. He sighed and heard the door open. “Please George... Tell me no more papers”

The door shut and quietly descended on the room again, puzzled Koenma looked around a pile of documents then promptly ended up on his rump on the floor.

“Hi little Koenma.” Came a voice from his nightmares, “How’s things?”

Koenma got back up straitening his big hat, “Oww… You know… Same as always.” He looked back up at the tall angel stood in front of him and tried not to run away. “So what brings you here?... You’re normally busy.” He tried not to snarl the last bit out as he got back into his chair.

The angel waved his hand vaguely in the air. “Oh you know, I felt like just saying Hi.”

“Hi.” Koenma said shortly.

The angel grinned. “Actually I met one of your detective team. We had a little chat and I offered to come see you, you know what the young are like these day’s… So impatient for everything.” With a flourish he swept some of the neatly stacked papers off the desk and sat down, crossing his legs. “They said you had no idea what was going on in the west… A sudden influx of western demon’s?” he razed a golden brow.

Koennma remained silent but nodded once.

Gabriel laughed his annoying laugh of superiority. “Well… I guess it’s up to me to let you know then isn’t it?”

Koenma grumbled something under is breath.

“Hmm?... What? I didn’t catch it?” the angel leaned forwards, his head lightly to one side.

“I said… I hope you don’t mind if I keep working while you tell me this tail of yours?” *Besides” he thought. *It’s more than likely to take all day with you telling it*.

“Why by all means little Koenma!” the angel patted him on top of his hat. “Wouldn’t want Daddy to get all upset now because I kept you from work!”

Koenma just seethed and took it as he carried on working.


Kurama woke up by being shaken, at first he had no idea where, what or how.

“Kurama, come on, get up… Breakfast is waiting.”

“Yukina?... What. Oh, ok.” He rubbed his eyes sleepily with the back of his hand then opened them to see the ice-maiden grinning at him.

“Come on, get up… Everyone went out this morning and we have the Temple all to our selves till sometime tonight.” She shook his arm.

Kurama frowned, she wasn’t normally like this, but he couldn’t help but smile back at her. “I’ll be right there.” He promised.

“Do hurry.” She said as she all but ran from his room.

His frown deepened as he slowly dressed, wat could have gotten her so exited? What was all the hurry for?... He shook his head, well he was about to find out, so he decided to stop thinking about it. Even trying to dress was still tiring for him. He checked his level of Ki, “Still to low.” He muttered as he slipped his feet into his shoes.


Yukina was so exited, she had found her brother with Kurama that morning when she had gone to check if he was up yet. Hiei wasn’t to pleased about being found with his hand clamped in the half Kitsune’s and asleep by his bed. But she knew he didn’t mind because it was her.

How she had managed to convince her brother to make Kurama’s breakfast she would never know and she was also surprised that he could cook so well as she rushed into the kitchen smells of bacon and fresh coffee hit her.

“Hn!?” was the reception she got as she looked over his shoulder into the frying pan. “I still don’t think it’s the time.” He said gruffly.

They had had a brother sisterly talk that morning and, again, she had managed to convince him to tell Kurama how he felt. She didn’t know if he still would or not, but there was hope.

“Pfft,” She replied. “Do what we talked about and it should go fine…”

They had also discussed how to tell Kurama, Hiei was mostly a fire youkai and they tended to be more aggressive, usually just walking up to who ever they wanted to spend their life with and if the other agreed that was it, and they also mated for life. Where nothing could or would brake the bond once well established.

But Kurama on the other hand was a mystery, the Youko side of himself had been free-wheeling, his pairings had often been short lived and fancy-free, like most Kitsune, but some did mate for life. Then there was Kurama’s human side, younger than the Kitsune side, but with the most resent experience. And humans were difficult to fathom, they said they mated for life but it often didn’t last, even if they did take it seriously at first.

“If your wrong I wont be happy.” Hiei said softly. “I… I don’t…”

“You don’t want to make a fool of yourself?” she asked also as quietly.

“NO!” he turned round to face her, “I don’t want this to go wrong!”

She stared at him and blinked. *Well* she thought *If he’s that serious to make breakfast, then he must have deeper feelings that I realized* she smiled and took his hands “If he doesn’t want you.” She whispered seriously, “Then I’ll beat him up for you.”

Hiei grinned then stiffened. “He’s coming.”


Kurama could smell something lovely coming from the kitchen and was heading that way when suddenly Yukina was in front of him.

“Come into the sitting room!” She smiled up at him, then took his arm and guided him into a kisser used little cosy room the priestess used when they felt like relaxing.

There were a few comfy chairs but the floor was covered with huge soft cushions.

 Yukina sat him don on one by the low table, “You wait here, I’ll be right back.” Then she was gone.

Kurama sat in the silence looking at the closed door in puzzlement. *What is she doing?* he couldn’t help but be curios, ahs was still acting strange.

After a little while of his stomach protesting at him about the lovely smells that had greeted him in the hall, the door opened again and Yukina walked in carrying a tray of Fresh coffee. What surprised him was that Hiei followed her also carrying a tray.

Both set the tray’s down on the table in silence, then Yukina grinned at him as Hiei sat down opposite him at the table.

“Oh, I forgot I have to go out and see some friends!... See you later!” then Yukina was out the door again, closing it behind her.

Kurama looked at Hiei perplexed. “Is your sister all right?” he asked.

Hiei was wearing a piqued expression as his crimson eyes burned into his. “Hn… Woman.” Was all he answered. “I made you food… Eat.”

Kurama stared at his friend, wondering if he had heard what he thought he just had. “You cooked?” He asked, “For me?”

Hiei nodded, then got up and began pouring two cups of coffee, he sat one down in front of Kurama then picked up a plate and did the same.

Kurama looked down at the food, it was what was known as a full English breakfast, then smell was divine.

“Eat.” Came an impatient voice.

Kurama looked up and noticed the fire youkai had nothing in front of him. “Aren’t you eating too?”

“Hn.” Hiei grunted. “I was up early, I’ve already had something. And you need your strength.”

Kurama tore his eyes away from the fire youkai and began tucking in, he hadn’t realized how hungry he was but he was aware of Hiei’s eyes on him all the time as if looking for something.


Hiei was nerves, not frightened, why should he care if the stupid fox didn’t want him? There would be others… But non with the greenest eyes or reddest hair, the softest touch that send shivers down his spine or the beautiful voice… Non would be Kurama though. And that was a truth that frightened him the most.

In spirit and in words he had already laid claim to the fox… Only the object of his claim didn’t know it yet.

He watched as Kurama wolfed down the floor he had cooked, every now and then the fox groaned in pleasure and each time Hiei’s hear missed a beat.

*Yukina was right.* he thought to himself as he sat with his back straight, arms folded across his chest. *I have to tell him… now… even if he’s still weak, what better time Is there?* He pondered that one as he narrowed his eyes, Kurama was still weak and he was vulnerable, he would be easy to take if Hiei wished. But he knew if he did that Kurama would detest him completely and forever. He needed to fight this battle with words and emotions, then he at least had a chance of winning this war. The other way he would win the battle but not the war.

Finally the half Kitsune had finished, grinning as he wiped his lips clean. “Thank you Hiei, That was wonderful!” he put the plate back on the tray and took hold of his coffee mug.

Hiei could leave it no longer. “Kurama…” he waited till he had Kurama’s total attention. “There is something I need you to know.”

Kurama nodded, his beautiful green eyes wide.

Hiei stumbled on the words before they had chance to come out. He growled under his breath at himself.

“What is it?” Kurama asked worriedly. “Is something wrong?... Has something happened?”

Hiei shook his head.

“Have you don’t something wrong?... you haven’t broken your parole have you?” Kurama asked getting more alarmed. “Hiei?”

Hiei growled again. “Will you shut up” he yelled. “I’m trying to tell you I want you!” The words came out before he could stop them. He stared into those green depths that were as wide as they ever could be.

For a moment time seemed to stop completely, their eyes locked onto one another’s.

Hiei cursed himself as he broke the intense contact and got up ready to flit away into the forest.

Suddenly as fast as lightening Kurama had grabbed his widest tightly, Hiei knew he could brake it easily and run, but something inside himself forbid any movement.

“Did…Do you mean it?” came Kurama’s soft, urgent voice.

Hiei hung his head, he wanted to be angry and failed, “I wouldn’t have said it otherwise would I?” he said gruffly.

The hand on his wrist tugged slightly. “Then I have something I have to tell you.” Kurama said, thought his voice sounded a little strained.

Hiei turned around as he stared at the half kitsune.

Kurama smiled, his eyes were moist and shinning. “Ditto…” was all he said in a shy quiet voice.

Hiei crumpled to his knees as they refused to hold him up any longer.

Yukina had told him Kurama would feel the same, but he hadn’t dared hope she was right.

Finally Kurama withdrew his hand from Hiei’s wrist and broke eye contact. “I… I’ve liked you Hiei for so long now, I forgot when it started.” The Kitsune whispered as he fiddled with his mug. “I… I remember the night the Siren had me in her arms…” He looked up then a little shy a slight smile on his lips. “I heard you say I was yours…”

Hiei nodded slowly.

“Did you mean it then?... Or was it just a ploy to get her to let me go?” Kurama looked away again, his cheeks red.

Hiei shook himself mentally as his inner self grinned almost predatorily. He shrugged off his fears and sat up straight, “I do not lie about how I feel about things.” He stated calmly.

He saw a smile touch those perfect lips he hungered for.

“I was hoping I hadn’t heard you wrong.” Kurama whispered.

Hiei slowly stood up and walked around the table, Kurama looked up wide eyes and watched him the whole time.

He looked down at the red head and for the first time smiled an honest heart felt smile. “You didn’t hear wrong.“ he said, “Now I know hoe you feel about me…” He let the smile broaden as he took the alabaster face in his hands gently. “You are MINE.” Then he leaned down and kissed those lips he had secretly craved for so long.


Kurama’s breath court in his throat as Hiei took his fance in his small strong hands.

“You are MINE.”

Kurama’s eyes felt like they would pop out of his head but what he didn’t expect was the sudden movement when Hiei claimed his lips.

He closed his eyes and brought his arms up to embrace the little fire youkai as Hiei are at his lips passionately. How he had dreamed of this day in such a long time, he had fantasised about every way Hiei would finally ask him and he had to admit that this was something he hadn’t thought of even though the Youko side of himself had supplied him with everything he could thing of.

Kurama lost all thought as Hiei’s tong suddenly entered his mouth and began exploring, Kurama offered no resistance, he would let Hiei do what he liked, he gave himself in completely.




Yusuke was bored, Kuwabara had disappeared somewhere saying he had something urgent to do and Kako was still at school.

He kicked an annoying stone from his path and stuffed his hands deeper into his pockets hunching his shoulders.

Koenma hadn’t called on them yet, so he figured Gabriel had gone and seen the annoying little brat.

He grumbled to himself then remembered Kurama. He would still be at the temple and Yusuke thought he might be bored too and could do with some company.

So he set his shoulders and set off for the temple.


Hiei pulled Kurama’s shirt from his shoulders as he laid kisses down the half kitsune’s neck, making Kurama moan with each soft caresses on warm skin.

Yukina had told him that since Kurama had become a human he had been celibate. He kissed another inch of virginal flesh and pulled the shirt clean off and threw it in one corner of the room.

Kurama made a small sound of protest but Hiei killed him again on the lips.

Hiei was still a bit stunned by the way Kurama gave into him completely, submitting to everything Hiei wished without protest.

He had always thought Kurama would try and be the dominant one.

But here they tall, proud and aloof kitsune was giving himself totally t Hiei’s mercy and will. It was all a bit heady for Hiei. He had always wanted the best of everything to win no matter what the cost, but despite his cold, hard exterior he was willing to give himself totally to Kurama. He would do anything the kitsune’s wished, but here he was with Kurama in his arms, holding him and possessing him.

It thrilled him the way Kurama moaned with ever he touched him, but something was tugging at Hiei’s mind, something inside him was demanding he mark the kitsune and make Kurama his.

Reluctantly he pulled away and looked into half closed deep green eyes. “Kurama…?” he uttered, finding himself suddenly out of breath.

The half human smiled at him but said nothing as his eyes closed and he leaned his head to the side, revealing his neck and shoulder, submitting himself.

Hiei grinned revealing his small fangs as he leaned his head down, nuzzling the point where shoulder joined neck. Kurama groaned again at the touch his hands clutching at Hiei’s back.

Hiei opened his mouth and laid It in the place he had been nuzzling, then softly laid his teeth against the soft flesh.

Kurama grip grew tighter, fingers locked into Hiei’s black top as his breath quickened. “Do it Hiei, I want you too…” Kurama gasped eagerly.

Hiei could wait no longer as his teeth forced them into Kurama’s flesh. The kitsune growled in pain as warm blood trickled into Hiei’s mouth. His jaw suddenly contracted, biting down hard.

Kurama shrieked half in pain, half in delighted ecstasy as his arms pulled Hiei closer to him.

Their Ki’s surged together combining themselves, pulling every last drop from them to secure the binding, their Ki’s danced in the small room together recognising and accepting one another so in the future their Ki’s could join together in harmony and protect them both at what ever distance separated them.

So it was final as their Kai’s died down and returned.

They were now paired for life and nothing would separate them now, apart from maybe death.

Hiei lapped at the wound he had coursed on Kurama’s sensitive flesh as blood spilled from it, it was sweet and bitter all at once. Kurama groaned loudly, still in some pain. He had also gone limp in Hiei’s embrace.

Kurama was exhausted by what they had just done, his Ki levels not being high in the first place.

Hiei carried on his nursing, he knew this would be the only intimacy he would get for a few days yet, Kurama would more than likely sleep for the next two days, if not more. Hiei had waited this long so a few more days wouldn’t hurt.


Yuuke was walking up the steps of the temple when he heard a sudden shrill cry of pain. It sounded like Kurama, then there was an incredible burst of Ki in the air. Again it felt like Kurama’s and a stronger one Yusuke’s shocked mind couldn’t recognise.

He ran into the temple, throwing the doors open wide, he ran down one of the corridors until he came to the sitting room the priestess’s used, he could still feel Kurama’s Ki. He put his ear to the door and could hear the older boys pained groans from inside.

Without a thought for his own safety he threw open the door and charged in, the site he saw stopped him dead in his tracks.

Kurama hung limp and half naked in Hiei’s arms as the koorime lent over the red head.

Hiei’s head snapped up, his lips were covered with Kurama’s blood. Then the fire youkai was hugging Kurama to him and began a very low throated growl.

“Hiei!?” Yusuke stammered. “What the hell have you done!” he suddenly felt the others Ki rising in defence and he backed up a step. “Kurama!” he called, “Kurama, are you alright?”

The kitsune let his head loll slightly till their eyes met, “Yusuke?” he asked in confusion. “What…”

Yusuke saw the bloody wound on the red heads neck and growled, rising his own Ki, there was no way he was going to let the fire brat get away with this.

Kurama blinked owlishly then looked up at Hiei, slowly he raised one hand and touched Hiei’s cheek. “Hiei…” he said in a voice that held no strength. “It’s only Yusuke… He means no harm.”

Hiei didn’t move his glair from Yusuke, and his answer was only a growl.

Kurama’s hand fell away. “Yusuke, lower your Ki… now.”

“But…” Yusuke protested.

Kurama glanced back at him. “I’ll explain later… Please lower your Ki and leave, I wont be able to stop him…” the green eyes looked weary but firm.

Yusuke floated. “but you’re hurt… Hiei’s hurt you!”

A smile touched the kitsune’s pail lips. “Please Yusuke.”

Getting his teeth, Yusuke did as he was asked with reluctance as Kurama turned his attention back to Hiei.

“See… He means no harm. Please Hiei, listen to me.” He almost sounded desperate.

Hiei suddenly looked down at Kurama, blinking.

“Hn.” Hiei said, then he looked back up again and his eyes widened when he saw Yusuke, then suddenly he was gone out the window and away.

Yusuke rushed over to Kurama, who now lay awkwardly on the cushions on the floor, his neck still bleeding.

Yusuke pressed his hands to the wound. “Kurama? Kurama are you all right?” he asked him limp friend.

Kurama’s eyes fluttered open and slowly focused on him. “Humm?... Yeah, I’m fine.”

“What did Hiei do to you?” Yusuke demanded.

Kurama grinned up at him. “Something I’d only dreamed of till this day…” he trailed off, then his eyes closed as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Yusuke cursed, what kind of answer was that? But he cursed Hiei and promised the next time he saw the little fire shrimp, he would pound him into the dirt.


Yukina felt happy as she walked threw the temple grounds to the front entrance, she had had a wonderful day with Kuwabara and now she was wondering how her brother and Kurama had gotten along.

She was humming to herself when Yusuke came running out of the temple.

“Yukina! Where have you and the others been all day?” he demanded angrily.

Yukina stopped and blinked at him, “What? Why? Has something happened?”

Yusuke grabbed her arm and pulled her into the temple then down the corridor to Kurama’s room.

“Yusuke what’s wrong?” she asked as he opened the door and showed her in.

“That.” The boy said pointing at the sleeping form of Kurama.

Yukina felt a cold bolt go through her chest. Had Hiei done something horrid? Had Kurama rejected Hiei and Hiei had lost his mind.

She rushed over to the bed.

“I heard Kurama screaming and his Ki was everywhere. Yusuke said from behind her, “I ran in to find Hiei was attacking him.” He sounded angry.

Yukina turned to look at him. “Where is Hiei now?” she asked quietly.

Yusuke shrugged. “Hell if I know… Ran off scared I guess.”

Yukina sighed then noticed the blood on the sheets and the crude bandage round Kurama’s neck, she tugged at it.

“I put that there to stop the blooding.” Yusuke said over her shoulder. “It wont stop, what ever I tried, can you do anything?”

Yusuke felt her hands trembling as she removed the bandage, Yusuke was right the wound was still bleeding the bandage was soaked in blood.

Finally the last of the bandage came away and she threw it on the floor then she took a good look a the wound.

She clamped her hand over her mouth and gasped, stepping back and into Yusuke “Oh, my.” She was shacking now. “Hiei what have you done.” She whispered.

“Yukina… What’s wrong?” Yusuke asked eagerly. “Is everything alright?”

Yukina composed herself, not knowing if she should be happy or frustrated with her brother. “It’s alright Yusuke.” She assured him, “I was just surprised that’s all.”

“Why?” he asked with a frown.

Yukina turned back to Kurama, so Kurama and Hiei did more than just talk that morning, but both of them should have realised Kurama wasn’t ready of strong enough for a bonding. She sighed deeply there was nothing she could do, the wound would only stop bleeding when Hiei came back and carried on licking the wound.

“I wasn’t expecting this.” She said at last. “Please could you wait in the kitchen?... I’ll explain when I get there, alright?”

Yusuke didn’t look convinced but he left anyway.

With a little sigh she put her hand just above the still seeping wound and managed to cut off the blood supply to that area before Kurama bled the last of his strength away.

Then she went to the window and looked out. “Hiei, if your out there, get your self in this room now! Kurama still needs you!”

Suddenly with a flash of dark Ki, Hiei was sat on the windowsill. “I know!” he growled, looking at the bed. “But that stupid ningen interrupted us!” then he turned to her. “Is he alright.”

Yukina found she couldn’t be angry with him. “Not really.” She said softly. “He’s not strong enough for all this right now. Couldn’t you have waited?”

Hiei hopped off the sill and shook his head slowly. “No… He asked me too…I… I couldn’t refuse him.” He looked back at the sleeper. “I can refuse him nothing.” He said distantly.

Yukina quickly took him in her arms and hugged him. “Congratulations Hiei. I’m sure you’ll be happy together.” She smiled then let him go. “Go to him… Finish what you started.”

Hiei smiled back at her. “Thank you.” He said. “Are you sure he’s alright?... I think we over did it a bit.”

Yukina giggled. “As far as I know there is no such thing as over doing it in this case.” She put her hand on his shoulder. “And, despite being completely drained and probably unconscious for the next few day’s, he should be fine,”

Hiei smiled again then went to the bed.

Yukina sighed happily then released her healing spell in Kurama and left the room.


Hiei had known he shouldn’t have left Kurama alone at such a crucial stage but he couldn’t help himself. He would have killed Yusuke if he would have stayed, but Yusuke was a friend, and Kurama would be angry to find out Yusuke was dead.

So he had sat in a tree outside waiting for the all clear when he could return.

He had calmed himself down and nothing would make him leave Kurama’s side until the half kitsune woke up, not even Koenma could make him leave, not even Enma himself.

He crept onto the bed Kurama now lay in, his red hair fanned out over the pillow. Slowly Hiei picked up a lock of hair and played with it as he absently looked at the pail sleeping face of his partner in life and smiled.

He leaned down to an ear and whispered. “Mine… Your all mine now and I wont let anything come between us.”

Kurama stirred in a little in his sleep.

Hiei stroked a cheek softly then lent down to the place on the slim neck that still bled and began licking it, knowing it would soon stop with him their.


Yusuke was still streaming in the kitchen when Yukina walked in, she could tell she had some explaining to do.

“Is he alright.?” He demanded straight away.

Yukina sighed. “He’ll be fine Yusuke… I think I’m going to have to tell you something.”

“What?” the young ningen demanded impatiently.

Yukina took a chair by the table. “I think you should sit down.”

Yusuke complied stiffly taking the seat opposite her. His eyes stared at her intently. “Well?”

With a little sigh she spoke. “Hiei and Kurama are now Bonded.” She said flatly, not sure how he would take it.

Yusuke frowned, his eyes burning into her. “So, what’s this bonding thing then?... What’s it got to do with Hiei attacking Kurama?”

Yukina would have fallen off her chair if she wasn’t so composed, “Right, Yusuke, I’m going to say this in plain Japanese for you to understand.” She said seriously. “Hiei didn’t attack Kurama… He was performing the right of bonding.” Yusuke still looked blank. “What Hiei did was like the exchanging off rings. Only more permanent.” Still nothing from the young man. “They just got married.” She said flatly.

To her delight, Yusuke fell off his hair. “What?!” he shrieked getting to his feet, “Their both guys!”

Yukina gave a little sigh, this was harder than she thought. “So?... Their youkai, its not un-heard of.”

“But… But Kurama?” Yusuke spluttered. “Kurama’s a human.”

“Only half of him.” She stated softly. “Look, just think of it this way, their happy, what else if there?”

Yusuke opened his mouth to protest, then shut it again and crossed his arms over his chest. “I always knew there was something going on with them.” He said finally, then he grin spread across his face. “I just want to know what Kurama would see in Hiei?”


Kurama wandered up out of the pit of blissful dreams he was in, to find himself in a body that protested fiercely at his wakefulness.

He was physically, emotionally and Ki drained and everything seemed to hurt.

He groaned softly and he felt something touch his face. Slowly he opened his eyes to find blood red eyes staring back at him intently. “Hiei?” he smiled.

“Shhh.” The fire youkai said quietly as he stroked his forehead with his small hands. “You shouldn’t be awake yet, you need to sleep.”

“Not when you’re here.” Kurama grinned even though sleep still pulled at him.

His fogged filled brain suddenly remembered what had just happened, Hiei had claimed him. The little, distant, stone hearted fire youkai that had once seemed so cold and out of any hope of reach Kurama might have had… Was now his…

He looked up into the face he had dreamed of for years, as large crimson eyes staired down at him, full of concern.

“I love you.” He whispered.

Hiei smiled above him, then lent down and placed a gental kiss on his forehead, “I know.” He said also as quietly, “Now sleep.”

Kurama yawned, “Don’t go.” He said as his eyes began to close.

“I wont leave you Kurama.” Hiei uttered, “Not ever.”

Kurama smiled as sleep and exhaustion pulled him back into the folds of dreams, soft and welcoming and full of Hiei’s voice.


To Be Continued.

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