The Future

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Umm... A futuristic fict, written in a fit of madness after a conversation with a friend about her fict, but I took it into insanity as always

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Title: The Future

By Bane Huntress

Started 15-Aug-04


The year was 2300, two centuries had passed since Lestat had last laid eyes on his oldest of Fledgling… Gabriel had died with any and all vampires not strong enough to withstand the destruction of the ozone layer.

Unwittingly the humans had finally found an inadvertent way to affectively wipe out vampire kind, as well as most of their own.

The ozone layer had finally been thinned so much, that by the year 2087 the sun was burning the land and everything in it. It did not happen as predicted, the ice caps had not melted, thinned yes, loosing some low lying countries and islands, but that was all. Ten years after that, man had devised huge machines that pumped ozone back in to the atmosphere, so much so that even vampire who could resist the death sleep for a short time found that the sun no longer burned… but with this came the humans fascination with Vampires until their existence had once and for all been proven.

One of their kind had been captured when the sky had burned everything, the oldest thought that maybe they had offered themselves to scientists in hope of salvation… unfortunately for that one, they had died suddenly in their cell, deep underground, by bursting into flame.

Now Lestat and the oldest of them lived in the most inhospitable place in Tibet . Afraid that the men and their devices will find them and kill them all… Even the oldest and most jaded of vampires are scared of their own death… or maybe the lack there of, seen as some knew that death, if it came at all, would be long and slow in the coming.

Lestat found himself wandering the streets of a New York , he had become bored locked with the others in the old temple in Tibet and was wandering the now united world aimlessly looking for something to interest him.

So far he had found nothing.

Even walking in the light of day held no interest for him anymore, protected by a drug that not only blocked the affect of the sun on his skin, but also stopped the debilitating death sleep.

A group of mortals distracted him for a moment as they walked, laughing, along the street towards him.

But one caught him eye most of all.

The young man was tall and slender, dressed in black jeans, a fashion item to survive the ages, and a white shirt. His long limb’s moved easily as he walked, so graceful and so unconscious of his movement. Short black hair shone in the sunlight.

Something inside Lestat stirred, something he had not thought about in two hundred years.

He took a step toward the mortal youth who suddenly looked at him and Lestat stopped as he stared back into dark brown, almost black eyes.

Without altering his stride, Lestat looked away and continued past the mortals without another glance.

Now his mined raced with old memories and things he had blocked from his mind years ago.

Now they thundered through him leaving him almost faint with their force.

Memories of long silken raven hair, of long limbs and subtle hands turning pages of ancient books night after night, of a soft voice whispering or shouting in rage.

And most of all… Deep green eyes looking up at him, glittering with a light that only that being possessed…

A name came to his lips, a name he, nor anyone else, had spoken in a century.


And with that one utterance, he knew what he had been searching for.

  + + + + + + + +

For years he searched, the whole world he had scoured looking for those green eyes and he had come up with nothing, not even a single glimpse from any age.

Marius had been the only one to not think him foolish in his endeavors.

He knew the others all thought he was going mad, that Louis surely died with the burning seen as non of them had heard from him before the sky destroyed almost everything.

Non of them could feel him, but he failed too point out that they never could feel him as they could sense all the others.

He had even entertained the idea of coming back again as the great Vampire Lestat the rock stare, or writing another book… but he had just mused over the idea’s and dismissed them all. Going back into the mass media market was more like committing suicide… and he doubted that Louis would come out of the woodwork and expose himself this time.

Now he found himself wondering across Venis beach, not surprised now that something just never changed in essence.

He was tired, tired of searching for something as elusive as a drop of pure water in an ocean. Tired of calling out one name and never having it answered.

Finally he came upon a small beach side café and sat at a table that faced out into the rolling surf.

The sun was getting low in the sky when he felt someone sit down opposite him at the table.

He didn’t turn to look at who it was, many people had come and sat and left during the course of the day he had sat there, and this was just another of them, or so he thought.

“Your prowling about my domain had driven me too distraction…”

Lestat’s heart tightened as he spun round to find two glittering emerald eyes gazing at him. “Louis…?” He breathed out.

Those lips he remembered so well curved up in a smile. “Lestat…” he nodded his head just a little, his gaze never leaving Lestat’s. “I was waiting for some flamboyant show of the great Lestat…” he said coolly, as he cocked his head to one side. “or have you finally grown up a little?”

Lestat couldn’t help but return the look, “I thought I would just lure you out with my charm and charisma.” He replied.

Lestat was surprised to see a flash of white as Louis smiled and looked away towards the sun that was heading towards the horizon. “Well it would seem that it has worked”. With a wave of dismissal he leaned back in his chair. “as always…”

Lestat was at first shocked, but then retained his coolness. “Well you were always a sucker for me.”

Louis actually chuckled as he pulled his hair from behind of his back, to let it fall down the back of the chair.

Lestat couldn’t help but stair. Louis had always kept it at shoulder length, or cropping it short altogether… to see him with waves and waves of long black hair that shined almost blue in the light of the dieing sun was more than he could bare, and with one hand he reached out and stroked it, still as soft and silky as he remembered. He slowly bought a finger full of it too his mouth, feeling it strands against his lips.

He closed his eyes as he rubbed it against his check, taking a deep breath he breathing in the scent that brought back more memories.

The way he would burry his face in Louis hair to try and stop the fit of giggles, the way he would run his fingers through it when ever they were having a moment where they weren’t fighting.

There were harder memories also, the amount of times he been left holding strands of it after an argument or fight… but he buried those, they had no relevance anymore, they never really did.

He heard Louis laughing softly to himself, “If I knew it was my hair you were so transfixed with.” He chuckled. “I would have never cut it…”

Lestat looked over at his ancient fledgling, to see him looking straight back; still relaxed at this plain show of affection Lestat was having towards him.

“…and here was I, laboring under the misapprehension that you were always enthralled by my eyes…” he widened them a little as he laughed some more, this time razing a delicate hand to cover his lips. His glassy nails glittered red in the glow from the sun that was now setting.

Lestat lowered his hand, but didn’t let go of Louis hair as he rolled it between his fingers. He looked out over the ocean as it turned as red as the sky. “The whole world bathed in blood…” he whispered to no one in particular.

“Red sky at night, Shepard’s delight.” Louis whispered back. “You have really grown pessimistic in your old age Lestat…”

Lestat ignored this as he watched the sun slowly disappear into the sea.

“This was the last thing I saw…” Louis finally broke the silence. “Before you made me yours…”

Lestat frowned at the wording as he looked back at his fledgling, “You were never mine, Louis…”

Louis rolled his head across the back of his chair to look at him, his eyes sparkling with his smile. “I was Lestat… Only you always seemed to have trouble keeping what you possessed.”

Lestat found himself smiling at that, “I can’t say that’s not true.”

Louis nodded with a grin, “So what have you been doing since our last goodbye?” he asked casually.

Lestat shrugged. “We moved the coven to a monastery in Tibet … apart from that we have all been getting on each others nerves.”

“Armand still telling you your stupid then trying to drain your blood?”

Lestat sighed.

“Something’s never change.” Louis confirmed with a sigh… “I know Daniel and Merrick died… I take it David didn’t take it well… I haven’t felt him in a long time…”

Lestat could no longer look at his companion. “David went to ground shortly after she died, he hasn’t come out yet…” Lestat shivered, he remembered pleading with David to stay with him, to not shut him out… but David had gone, without even looking back…

He felt something brush his hand, then a soft warmth covered it. He looked down to see long fingers encasing his own as Louis squeezed ever so gently.

“I’m sorry… I always thought David was stronger…”

Lestat shook his head, dispelling the darker thoughts. “So when did you go to ground? When the ozone went?” Another squeeze on his hand.

“You should know me Lestat… I never want to miss anything…” he sighed deeply then withdrew his hand. Lestat was almost desperate for the contract again. “I think if I went to ground I would not be able to cope with the change.”

“My ever human fledgling…” Lestat twirled the hair still in his hand around his fingers, unconsciously trying to trap Louis to him.

He looked down at his hand and the black threads twined there. The years had mellowed him, the changes sometimes distressing him to the point of madness had all but killed the once brash Lestat, so now maybe he could say what he always wanted to....

“I missed you… you know…” he whispered so only Louis would hear.

He heard Louis move then the table move as both his hands here taken in his own, “I missed you too…”

Lestat looked up to find Louis face only inches away from his own. His eyes gleamed with hidden emotions as he looked from one eye to the other. And with his chest tightening he remembered why he gave this stunning creatures a nickname he had all but forgotten with, it seemed, so much else.

“My beautiful one…” he uttered against lips he remembered being soft against his own.

“My Prince…”

Lestat felt those lips smile against his own, then press harder as eyes closed and they found themselves in an awkward embrace over the table.

It was almost chaste as they pulled apart a little.

Lestat could feel people looking at them, and their minds were filled with the thoughts of admiration at the two good looking men. At least this was one change that he hadn’t disapproved of.

Then Louis spoke. “Before you ask… I’m never going to your hiding place in Tibet …”

Lestat blinked as Louis finally stood. His hair slipped from Lestat fingers like water.

He watched as Louis turned away from him.

“If you want to find out the joys of this age…” Louis said over his shoulder… “Then you follow me now…”

Lestat sat stunned as he watched Louis walk further and further away.

He hadn’t seen him standing, and his eyes watched mesmerized as Louis now long hair swayed with each step just above his knees.

His hand strayed to his lips where Louis had actually kissed him, and the lingering taste of his was sweeter than any blood…

/What are you doing, Lestat!/ came Marius’s voice in his head. /If you don’t follow him NOW, then you will have lost him forever!/

Lestat’s mind remained clouded in what had just transpired, he thought he would have been granted more time, that Louis would need wooing, or that he would sweep the other vampire off his feet and carry his back to Tibet, back too safety.

He had not expected this small conversation they had shared over a grubby table on a beach. He had also expected Louis to not be so forwards… but then two hundred years had changed them all…

/But…?/ he sent back to Marius along with his confusion.

He felt a bubble of amusement. /Just go you fool!, I told you to make a vampire from love when I sent you away and you did just that… and one who finally realizes he loves you back…/

/But the Coven?... I cant Lea…/

A feeling of patience came from Marius then. /I’m sure we will survive… Go, be with him in this age… and this time don’t make a fool of yourself this time, or I’ll tell Armand you secretly love him!/

Lestat spluttered as he felt Marius laughing then sever their connection.

  + + + + + + + +

Louis felt the chill of the night coming on and as always he didn’t like it, the warmth of the sun had been something he had grown all too quickly accustomed to.

He had delighted at seeing Lestat sat at that café’s table, his blond curls catching the sun light as he had never seen them before, and his cold heart had jumped at the very thought of Lestat near him.

He had missed him in all the years they had been apart, the loneliness sometimes driving him towards Asia and the coven of those that were left, in hopes of seeing his maker again… but something had always stopped him, something had always driven him back to the human world that he reveled in.

He had never made another, even the odd times when he found a mortal with golden hair and gleaming gray eyes, he had resisted the urge, knowing that he was only trying to find a substitute to what his twisted soul sought the most…

Now he walked away from that haven he had so longed for… If Lestat did not follow him now into his life… then he had already decided to end everything, how ever hard it might prove to be…

In over four hundred years he had had enough…

His feet hit the hard pavement making his heart sink even lower with each step.

He finally made a decision to head right into a side street where he would go back to his apartment… alone and for the last time…

He was just about to step onto the road them something his him hard from behind.

He spluttered as arms crushed his chest.

Then there was a quiet voice by his ear, sending shivers down his spine…

“I’ll follow you till the end…” a sharp nip at his lobe as he felt a tong lap at the blood it had brought. “My beautiful one…”

Louis just smiled as he held the hands against his chest. “I was thinking you could do it at my side…”


The end


AN/ umm… another little sad and non exiting ditty, brought into being by a conversation me and Danielle had some time ago, that I finally got to write… it’s not long cause I always rush my ficts ^_~ Just a little ‘What If’ idea that was badly thought out… hope you like anyway even if they didn’t get all sticky and Armand is only mentioned in passing, eh he… hope you liked and Feedback always helps to make my head bigger  ^_~


PS: This was written as I watched ‘The Travesty’ (and I still think Akasha was the best thing in it, and Lestat’s hair made every human in LotR look like they had just been to a salon!), Then ‘The Dark Prince, the true legend of Dracula’ (with the guy who played Dracula in Buffy), followed up with a nice dose of ‘Nightwalker’ a strange vampire anime ^_^… I was having a vampire moment what can I say ^_^


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